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Casa Beidisia
6 7
Ranchos , Punta Mita
Casa Beidisia, the Afrikaans term meaning by the sea, is a luxury beachfront Punta Mita villa that perfectly marries the elements of space, service, and serenity. Casa Beidisia was created by Mexico City based architect Jose Vigil who is known for his design of the nearby Four Seasons Villas. A water filled courtyard, reminiscent of a traditional...
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Casa Bella
9 9.5
Ranchos , Punta Mita
Welcome to Casa Bella where every imaginable luxury is abundant. This one of a kind home is set on the private penninsula of Punta Mita within the exclusive Ranchos Estates. The property is surrounded by lush gardens and tropical landscaping with palapas scattered throughout. Casa Bella is fully staffed to cater to guests while they relax by the...
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Casa Christina
5 7
Ranchos , Punta Mita
Casa Christinais a magical beachfront Punta Mita villa rental crafted with affection and vision. This intimate and luxurious tropical home is a beautiful, open and warm five bedroom coastal retreat. Located in Ranchos, an exquisite sandy beach within the ultra luxurious Punta Mita Resort, it is home to the Four Seasons Resort and St. Regis. Upon...
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Casa de Casas
7 12
La Punta Estates , Punta Mita
Designed by esteemed Architect Marta Lozano, Casa de Casas is rich in architectural details, abundant with antiques, and reveals incredible stone and wood handcrafted finishes. Located in La Punta Estates in Punta Mita resort, Casa de Casas is a sprawling, 20,000 square foot, private, ocean front estate nestled inside a gated community that...
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Casa del Faro
10 10
La Punta Estates , Punta Mita
  Casa del Faro located in Punta Mita is a five-star luxury villa that is the perfect place to relax and recharge. There is a full staff of 12 members that include a chef, butler, and a concierge that are available to help make your stay as perfect as possible. Casa del Faro has many amenities available during your stay in this luxurious villa...
From $9,490 USD / night
Casa del Oso
Ranchos , Punta Mita
Casa del Oso is a Punta Mita luxury rental hidden behind thick foliage and nestled amongst strands of palms. Casa del Oso is in a very prestigious gated community overlooking Bahia de Banderas. This villa was designed to accommodate any type of occasion; family reunions, corporate incentive travel, birthday parties, special occassion celebrations...
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Casa Eclipse Punta Mita
10 13
Pacifico , Punta Mita
Casa Eclipse is an exclusive luxury villa located oceanfront in the Pacifico community of the Punta Mita resort. This villa was designed with an open air concept taking advantage of the exceptional climate conditions and sea breeze. This Punta Mita villa takes full advantage of an ideal location which results in phenomenal views for guests! Guests...
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Casa Familia
11 11
Ranchos , Punta Mita
Located on the Bay of Banderas beach in the exclusive Ranchos Estates, Casa Familia is the perfect combination of beauty, privacy, spaciousness, luxury, and a welcoming spirit. Your every need is met morning until night. The dedicated and friendly full-time staff includes a house manager, chef, concierge and house keepers (two of whom speak fluent...
From $14,190 USD / night
Casa Fortuna Punta Mita
6 7
La Punta Estates , Punta Mita
With a first of its kind contemporary resort chic style, Casa Fortuna is laid out like a boutique hotel. Each of its six bedrooms are housed in their own individual casitas, with the extremely spacious shared living area in its center. Within the high thatched ceiling of the main living area, you’ll find plenty of comfortable seating, a formal...
From $4,490 USD / night
Casa Herradura
2 - 6 7.5
Lagos del Mar , Punta Mita
Casa Herradura is a luxurious five-star villa is a place for escape and indulgence. Overlooking the breathtaking Pacific Ocean and within prime proximity to the famous Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, this lavish Villa will sweep you off your feet. Located within the gated Punta Mita Residential Community in Lagos del Mar, it offers an...
From $1,990 USD / night
Casa Kalika
6 6.5
Lagos del Mar , Punta Mita
With its breathtaking views of the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Banderas, the natural lush beauty of the Sierra Madre Mountains, the Marietas islands and the Puerto Vallarta skyline, Casa Kalika conveys a mood of complete relaxation. Casa Kalika is set of the ninth fairway of the famed Jack Nicklaus gold course in the ultra exclusive Four...
From $2,340 USD / night
Casa Koko
9 12
La Punta Estates , Punta Mita
Located in Punta Mita resort's exclusive residential community and designed by renowned architect Juan Collignon & interior designer Karen Collignon, Casa Koko is a breathtaking 9-suite private oceanfront villa, perfect to accommodate up to 22 guests (18 adults & 4 children).   This magnificent villa with Golf Premier Membership to St....
From $6,490 USD / night